Rent a Sports Car for a Day

Riding in a BMW or Lamborghini is appealing to many people, but purchasing these cars is often an impossible dream due to their exorbitant cost. However, sports car rental companies make it easy to rent a sports car for a day. This offers average drivers the chance to experience something that is normally reserved for the very rich and famous.

Sporty Cars = High Costs

While the cost to rent a sports car for a day may seem expensive, it doesnít necessarily have to be. Much of the cost will depend on the vehicleís price tag. Renting a Porsche Cayman S for instance, rates out to about $228 per day. However, more expensive vehicles have higher rates: renting a Lamborghini Murcielago can add up to $1,918 per day for the average driver, even a driver with a spotless record. Additionally, this figure is the raw rental price, and does not include insurance; even if the rental company offers it. Sports car rental rates can run the gamut from reasonable to very high.

Additional Fees and Costs

The raw car rental price is only one portion of the cost to be covered before driving off the lot. Keep in mind there is also collision insurance on the car, fuel, mileage, and additional personal injury insurance. Mileage can vary, but usually costs a couple of cents per mile. Fuel fill-ups done by the rental company can become very expensive, and can add up to as much as $10 per gallon if you neglect to fill the carís tank with gasoline before turning it back in. Personal injury and vehicle insurance can add as much as $30 or $40 extra per day for coverage in case of a life-threatening accident.

Driving Restrictions

Even after a customer buckles in, turns on the ignition, and drives out of the rental facility, there are still a few rules they are required to follow. Most rental companiesí insurance policies will not cover any damages to the car if it is driven out of the state in which the company is situated. If this restriction is neglected by a customer and there is an accident; the customer can be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other restrictions limit night driving, driving in the rain, or during times when there are high winds. Be aware that coverage is based on cooperation in observing these restrictions.

Who Can and Canít Rent a Sports Car for a Day

Unlike mainstream car rental companies, sports car renters can be highly selective when it comes to new customers. They wonít lend out their $100,000+ vehicle to just any driver, and its best to have an impeccable driving record. These companies check potential rentersí driving records thoroughly for any tickets, misdemeanors, fines, or accidents, and anyone whose record is less than spotless may well be refused a car. If this is the case, some customers may be able to negotiate with the company and still rent a car, but most will just have to wait until their driving record has improved.

In the end, a sports car can be rented for a day for under $2,000 once all of the fees and costs are totaled up. Thatís a lot of money to plunk down at once, but the cost can be justified by those who believe that driving or riding in one of these vehicles fulfills the dream of a lifetime.